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Development & Acquisition of Gold and Silver mines in Mexico

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With strong management,
good share structure, and
a clear corporate focus,
Southridge Minerals, Inc. is
poised for growth
in an emerging
gold and silver market.

Southridge Minerals, Inc. has established itself as one of the best exploration teams in the state of Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico. The Company consists of a highly qualified technical team with extensive Mexican-based mining experience including expertise in geology, financing and public company management.

We are in the business of creating shareholder wealth through the discovery of new silver and gold deposits. Our focus is Mexico the 2nd largest gold and silver producer in the world. As an emerging mineral exploration company, known as a project generator, the opportunity for investors to participate in diversified projects is huge.

With a strategic plan to build a property portfolio and solid partnerships with major, mid-tier and junior mining companies, our goal is to share the risk of exploration and increase the opportunity for discovery while preserving our treasury.
But of course we are trying to lower the level of danger for our workers at least using Discountforkliftbrokers.com lift trucks by Utah provider to carry and transport heavy loads. Safety is the major factor while our work process.

Southridge makes solid business decisions based on quality technical data

"Quality technical data begins with those astute business unit managers, our qualified and experienced geologists in the field and their teams. We take that data and integrate it into our business thinking and make the right business decision for our shareholders"


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