Top Things to Purchase for Your New Dog


Have you purchased a new dog but you are not sure what to buy for him or her? Remember that you ought to prepare well for your new addition. The truth is that you need a lot of supplies, but your budget may not allow it. You should have a few basics ready when the new dog arrives. You can buy your dog supplies from California Canine. These are the most important supplies you should get for your dog.


dog wearing a clothWhen choosing the right attire for your dog, you need to consider the weather. For instance, if it is extremely cold, then your dog is likely to shiver. Thus, you should get your dog a jacket or sweater. You should note that a healthy dog must exercise regularly. However, if you reside in a warm area, you should get a cool coat. In this case, you can purchase a special cooling vest or coat that is made of fabric. The good thing about this is that it retains moisture.


There are certain times you need to restrict your dog to certain areas. For instance, you can prevent it from going down or upstairs. It is advisable to get puppy gates. There are different styles you can choose from. Some gates are free-standing, others wall-mounted, and pressure mounted. If your dog likes chewing things, then you should avoid buying a wooden gate.


You should note that dog beds are available in a variety of styles. Some are made of orthopedic foam, whereas others are loosely padded. In fact, prices vary a lot. Remember that the dog’s ideal place to rest is not dependent on price or fancy ideas, but its comfort. Make sure you purchase a dog bed that is large enough to allow the dog to stretch and relax. Moreover, it should have a washable cover.


The dog requires at least a single collar. In fact, the basic collar should be made of leather, fabric, and nylon. Remember that your dog must wear the collar for identification. Ensure you check the collar’s fit frequently. In fact, harnesses are popular alternatives to traditional collars.

Grooming Supplies

dog treatsYou should note that the ideal grooming supplies depend on the breed of your dog. Also, you have to take into account the activities your dog engages in. The basic tools you should get for your new dog are a brush, comb, shampoo, nail trimmer, coat clippers, and toothbrush.…

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Things You Must Look for When Choosing LED Grow Lights

led grow light

LED Grow lights have brought real benefits particularly for those enthusiasts and professionals who love indoor gardening. They are a perfect alternative and a great rival to HPS lighting. LED lights bring several benefits including energy efficiency, increased growth, durability, compactness, and adjustable wavelength. However, choosing the best LED Grow lights can be an overwhelming task especially for the first-timers. Here are the things to think about when buying LED grow lights.

Type of Plants to Grow

grow lightAccording to experts at the weed professor, the lighting that one chooses must be suitable for the plants they’re growing. Certain LED lights are best suited for growing specific plants though they all do a similar job. Different plants require varying light wavelengths at different stages of growth. For instance, flowers need different light wavelength from that of heavy plants like tomatoes. It is also vital to consider if plants in question need LED lights only during the flowering stage or during the entire growing process.

The Amount of Space Available

Space is a critical factor when buying and installing LED lights. Gardeners must first measure the size of their gardens to aid them to understand the size of LED lamps they need. The standard power used by most tomato growers is 32 watts per square foot. However, low-light plants such as flowers and lettuce require low watts per sq. foot of between 11-18W.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Certain plants need different lighting depending on their growth stages. Sometimes a grower may need to adjust the position of their LED lamps to suit the needs of their plants. Light intensity and wavelength are the critical factors that should be attuned at various growth stages. Therefore, growers should consider buying lights that are easy to customize.


The type of materials used and quality of build determine the durability of a LED lamp. A quality LED lamp is expected to last for ten years or more. This should allow the sufficient grower time to grow their plants without necessarily worrying about installing new lighting. US-made LED lamps are the most preferred since they are designed to meet quality standards. The type of production methods and components used matters most in a LED lamp.

Power Consumption and Output

LED grow lights are required to work for up to 11 hours per day. When purchasing one, it is advisable to read the description of each lamp to know its power consumption and output. LED lamps vary in power consumption ranging from 300W-1000W. Power consumption is key. Buying a lamp that consumes too much power can lead to escalated monthly energy bills.

Heat Output

Heat output determines how durable a LED lamp is. Lamps that produce too much heat can damage plants. Experts recommend buying lamps that generate low heat. Therefore, buyers should read all the specs before purchasing a LED lamp.

LED Grow lighting has revolutionized indoor gardening. They are safe and efficient compared to traditional lights. They provide a good source of lighting for plants that require controlled indoor environment. The above are the top things one should consider when going buying one.…

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