Benefits We Can Derive from the Composite Cladding

News on composite cladding can be seen in many publications. However, few of these define what it means. The term composite cladding is broad and fits several meanings under its description. This article briefly describes the benefits of composite cladding and decking in greater detail.

Low Cost of Maintenance

The manufacture of composite boards results in a pre-finished product that makes them an ideal interior home option. Additionally, the boards are low maintenance. Quality composite boards will appear neat for close to three decades. This saves you the time and money that could go into maintaining their appearance. Over time and extended exposure, the boards do not succumb to decay. Also, there is no cause for staining or painting when they get dirty. It takes a pressure cleaner or soapy water to realize an easy clean. When we compare this to the amount of painting and staining that takes place with timber, composite materials can save you a great deal of effort.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite cladding and decking comprise of recycled plastics, timber, and fibers. Other materials comprised ae polymer resins, and natural minerals. Looking at their composition, it is safe to consider composite cladding and decking as sustainable products in the market. Just to break the explanation down further, one meter of decking board is equivalent to 35 recycled plastic bottles and close to two kg of pine dust. The materials used in composite boards would have ended up in landfills anyway, so it’s a fine way of utilizing waste by reusing and recycling.

Great Appearance

The composite materials present in the market come in several attractive colors and timber finishing. This way you can get the perfect fit for your home. The materials can be attached by screwing into hidden fixes which result in a neat look.

Lasts Longer

Most composite materials comprise of plastic and timber meaning you will be getting the benefits of both materials. Wood results in a stiffer board that can endure a great deal of pressure or force without crushing. Plastic, on the other hand, is legendary for its resistance to any condition the elements might throw at you. You are assured of over two decades of the exterior that is less susceptible to deterioration and stands out as an envoy to the neighbors.

High Ratings

Construction projects with high BAL ratings are great for composite cladding. This is a rating of roughly 29. When decking the composite products include fire-retardant additives which can withstand bushfire attacks to BAL 40. This means that you can build yourself a stunning deck in areas prone to high bushfires.

Composite colors
Finally on a Composite Cladding

When building modular homes, ensure to take time to compare your pros and cons. Compare timber to composite materials on this project. At the start, composite materials might cost you a little more. However, one can benefit from a lot more in the long term. This includes labor savings and costs as well as reduced environmental impact. You might have to upgrade to Composite cladding by Ecoscape and take advantage of the long-term benefits.