Top Reasons Package Tracking Matters

tracking your parcel

Despite most people knowing how costly it can be to deliver parcels late, most retailers are yet to embrace parcel tracking. Studies have shown that most retailers are less concerned about tracking the parcels they send to their customers. As a result, they suffer from a lackluster customer experience. When you fail to track your Wanbexpress packages, you entertain extra costs due to delays and customer support expenses. In the end, you may end up losing your esteemed customers.

There is a need to understand why package tracking is necessary. The following are some of the reasons:

Improves Customer Loyalty

You may be having a great tracking page. However, in this era where companies are competing against each other, there is a need to keep innovating. Remember that you ought to meet the expectations of the customer and make the delivery experience a smooth one.

Nowadays, shoppers want to control their delivery experiences. In fact, ease of service and delivery efficiency is quite important as far as brand loyalty is concerned. Having a tracking page is the first step to foster trust with your customers. They will know when the package arrives. Customers can use the tracking page to know where their packages are and this can result in improved customer relationships.

Reduce Delivery Cost

parcel trackingIf you have been in the retail business for quite a long, then you know how expensive delivery errors are. For instance, you may need to pay additional shipping expenses for returned orders. Moreover, delivery issues can have devastating effects on your bottom line. You should note that seamless delivery experiences are a great source of sales conversions and customer loyalty. Ideally, shoppers cannot return if they had a poor delivery experience.

Customer Communication

You should note that customers need clear communication and transparency when it comes to tracking their parcels. This is because over 50% of customers will not order again from a business that does not have visibility when it comes to its delivery process. For customers at home, they need adequate details regarding tracking pivots. In any case, you do not want your customers to become frustrated and keep on calling your customer support team.

After knowing the reasons you should track your orders, you need to know what to consider when choosing a tracking tool. That is because there are different tools out there that can impact your customer experience.…

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Top Advantages of a Limited Liability Company

Are you planning to start a business? If that is the case, then you have many options to consider. It is advisable to follow the journey of successful companies. You have probably heard that LLCs are perfect for small businesses. If you want to start an LLC, there are some benefits you can enjoy.

Limited Personal Liability

starting a businessWhen running a partnership or sole proprietorship type of business, there is no difference between you and the business. That means, legally you cannot separate the owner from the business. Therefore, business debts are equally your debts. If you are accused of negligence, it means your assets are at risk.

LLCs are tasked to pay their obligations and debts. However, it means you can lose your investment. Fortunately, your personal assets, such as cash in banks cannot be used to pay business debts. Therefore, your assets are protected even if the business or partners are liable for negligence.

Less Paperwork

You should note that corporations provide limited liability. Also, they observe some requirements that are tougher than those of small businesses. For example, a corporation ought to hold annual meetings for shareholders, pay fees to the government, and publish annual reports. As a result, there is a lot of record-keeping involved. On the other hand, an LLC does not need to hold an annual meeting and no need for keeping enormous records.

Tax Benefits

business meetingIf you want to benefit from tax laws, you should consider forming an LLC business. That is because they do not have their tax classification. Therefore, they adopt the taxation status of other forms of business. When it comes to taxation, they can be classified into partnerships or sole proprietorships. Thus, they can take advantage of pass-through tax. This means that taxes can be paid by individual owners through income tax. For corporations, it is quite different as they are taxed twice: at the corporate level and individual level.

Management Flexibility

Remember that corporations have a unique management structure that is made of the board of directors, which oversees the company policies. Shareholders are required to meet each year to carry out their business. Since LLCs do not utilize this structure, they have a lot of choices to offer, especially when it comes to the way they make decisions and conduct businesses. Also, it is easier for them to distribute their profits.…

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Tips for Buying Promotional Products

sticker with discount percentages

Promotional merchandise is an excellent way of promoting your brand and helping to achieve successful promotional campaigns. It is essential to select the right merchandise for your company image for the campaign. Here are important tips for purchasing promotional merchandise.

Your Aim

Decide whether to increase brand awareness or retention, increase visitors visiting your site or following and activities on social media. Knowing your aim of the campaign is vital for the rest of the steps to become relevant.


After knowing your theme along with the logo and brand message, you can narrow down your product ideas. Consider your message and logo. For instance, if you are a property company and want to promote your properties, you can send out branded vital fobs.

Target Audience

Coming up from your theme, you will probably know this. It is vital to know whoever you want to reach and the message you are conveying. Will your target audience use the promotional product and respond to your product positively? Will you add value to the target audience and what is your plan for the target audience? Also, establish if you want to hand the products out or mail them out.



It is essential also to set your budget. A large budget does not necessarily mean it will limit your success with the product ensuring successful promotional campaigns. Your supplier will offer a unit price based on the product, artwork, and quantity to be branded. Origination, artwork, delivery and storage costs will also be charged where applicable.

Supplier Options

Using some websites, you can find approved suppliers that will all be following best practice. It is advisable to choose three different suppliers to try. Evaluate the suppliers on quality and product range, price, service and turnaround time. Selecting the right company is vital basing on the elements and not price alone. Long term established relationships will allow you to benefit in the future.

Get Feedback

After you have chosen the product and you have your price, you need to plan on how to measure the success of the promotional campaign. This can be done by gathering feedback from your target audience. You can ask them if they understood the message with your brand and whether the promotional campaign gave them a negative or positive feeling towards your company.

Promotional products are vital for creating awareness about your company. The above tips will assist you in buying the right promotional merchandise¬†and reaching your target audience.…

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