International Law Tips For Businesses

international law

International business law applies to any commercial transactions carried out between two or more countries. It includes sales, investments, private and government transactions, and commercial transportation actions.

When setting up international businesses, it is important to get legal advice from lawyers to become a success.  Here are some of the tips for international law businesses:

Terminating The Business

All exist strategies should be considered when dealing with international business. In some countries exiting might be a lengthy and costly procedure. You might require government approvals, tax certificates, employees, and creditors’ rights before termination.

Employment And Labor Laws

legal issuesThe local authorities mainly set up employment laws. You must abide by the labor and employment laws of the country you are doing business in if you will hire people or doing any sub-contracting. In the case of incompetence, it might be difficult to get rid of employees, distributors, or suppliers, depending on the foreign country’s employment laws.

Violation of the rules will lead to penalties, termination of the business, or worst, court cases. You need to comply with the health and safety measures, wage, and salary requirements for your business’s smooth operation.

Tax Issues

It is necessary to seek legal advice from lawyers on taxation matters. If you require to pay taxes in two countries, you will sign a double tax treaty. For example, in Australia, all foreign entities and Australian tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income regardless of whether the income was earned locally or internationally.

Know the tax consequences of doing business in that particular foreign country. Some countries have a tax treaty with the US. It is equally important to confirm that. Tax laws will be different in each country; that is why you need to seek advice from a competent tax lawyer in every country.

Corruption Issues

Corruption is one of the biggest problems in most countries. In your country, you might be needed to give “presents” or make a payment to facilitate business development.

This might be considered corruption in another country. Therefore be cautious, especially in the US. You can be prosecuted if the payment was considered a present. There are strict laws under the US Foreign Corruption Practice Act, which give every foreign business.

Investment Treaties

Confirm if there are any investment treaties between your country and the foreign country you will invest in. Investment treaties are beneficial because they offer legal protection to foreign investors. The treaties might be between two or more states, and they promote investment and give investors any protection.


Distribution Agreements

In some countries, you will be offered one distributor who will sell your products. They do this to make sure distribution is efficient and faster. In such an agreement, you will not invite other distributors to sell or deliver goods or services.

It can be a disadvantage because it will limit the business’s growth, and one distributor will have control over your business. Look at the pros and cons before signing such agreements.…

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