Top Things to Purchase for Your New Dog


Have you purchased a new dog but you are not sure what to buy for him or her? Remember that you ought to prepare well for your new addition. The truth is that you need a lot of supplies, but your budget may not allow it. You should have a few basics ready when the new dog arrives. You can buy your dog supplies from California Canine. These are the most important supplies you should get for your dog.


dog wearing a clothWhen choosing the right attire for your dog, you need to consider the weather. For instance, if it is extremely cold, then your dog is likely to shiver. Thus, you should get your dog a jacket or sweater. You should note that a healthy dog must exercise regularly. However, if you reside in a warm area, you should get a cool coat. In this case, you can purchase a special cooling vest or coat that is made of fabric. The good thing about this is that it retains moisture.


There are certain times you need to restrict your dog to certain areas. For instance, you can prevent it from going down or upstairs. It is advisable to get puppy gates. There are different styles you can choose from. Some gates are free-standing, others wall-mounted, and pressure mounted. If your dog likes chewing things, then you should avoid buying a wooden gate.


You should note that dog beds are available in a variety of styles. Some are made of orthopedic foam, whereas others are loosely padded. In fact, prices vary a lot. Remember that the dog’s ideal place to rest is not dependent on price or fancy ideas, but its comfort. Make sure you purchase a dog bed that is large enough to allow the dog to stretch and relax. Moreover, it should have a washable cover.


The dog requires at least a single collar. In fact, the basic collar should be made of leather, fabric, and nylon. Remember that your dog must wear the collar for identification. Ensure you check the collar’s fit frequently. In fact, harnesses are popular alternatives to traditional collars.

Grooming Supplies

dog treatsYou should note that the ideal grooming supplies depend on the breed of your dog. Also, you have to take into account the activities your dog engages in. The basic tools you should get for your new dog are a brush, comb, shampoo, nail trimmer, coat clippers, and toothbrush.…

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Dog Cage for Your Dog


Looking at dog cages have this strange similarity with that of a prison cell. At first, a dog inside a crate or a closed dog cage seems pitiful to have been stripped of the freedom that pets should be accorded. But cages are beneficial for your fur baby and you.

Training Ground

Don’t use the cage to detain your dog when you are angry because it has been scratching on your newly painted wall. This will give negative feelings toward its cage. You can train your dog more easily when it is inside its cage because there are minimal distractions around.

dogRetreat Facility

When your pet dog is stressed or harmed, the dog cage must be the place to find your cute little fur baby. When a dog is used to a new cage, it provides a calming effect to your sick pet. You will see your pet rolled in its cage, and you may notice that it will not leave its crate until its condition gets better. When dogs know that the cage belongs to them, they will treat their cages as a place to go when they are stressed, tired, or afraid because they feel secure when they are in their cages.

Confinement Room

Dog cages provide comfort and security to a dog with a sickness or injury. They provide a soothing effect on your sick dog. When your dog is injured and does not seem to be comfortable lying in the cage, the dog crate can serve as a confinement room. Yes. It is best to confine your pup in its cage so you can prevent him from worsening his injury while moving around. You can also know where to check on your sick little fur baby from time to time.

Traveling Kit

crateThere are guidelines that a dog cage should follow before you can have your dog travel with you on a plane. Be sure that the cage is compliant before going to the airport to prevent inconveniences. You also need dog cages when traveling through land public transport. Some things may frighten your dog, and it can slip out of your hands when it is not caged.

Indeed, once your dog knows that the dog cage is his possession, he will value it and will serve as its haven during sickness, injury, stress, fear, and insecurity.…

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Reasons to Keep Your Pet Active

active dog

Most people keep pets because of the kind of company they offer. They are more playful and help keep your home lively to a certain extent. Having one in your house can help relieve you off stress after a tough period. You should also take good care of your pet to ensure they stay long to provide you with the kind of company you need. Keeping them active by letting them play around is one of the things you should do.

You can buy them toys or different things that will help them play around. Going for your morning jogs with you cat or dog is the other thing you can do to ensure they are active all the time. You will run around together with your pet to keep them in good shape.

Playing certain games with your pet can also keep them in good health. One type of game you should try is fetch. Playing fetch is all about throwing a ball or something else for your pet to collect. It is common among those who keep dogs. Keeping your pet active can benefit its health in several ways which include:

Burns Fat

Just like humans, excess fat also affects the healthactive pet of most animals. Your pet is at high risk of experiencing cardiovascular conditions among other illnesses that are linked to excess body fat. You should take the appropriate measures to help them burn that excess fat in their bodies. Taking them for beach runs or playing fetch will help them jump up and down and burn more calories in the long run.

Improved Flexibility

The flexibility of your cat or dog is essential when it comes to its movements. Being inactive for long may make your pet less flexible, and it may have challenges with its movements. You should exercise your pet more to make it more flexible. Running and playing different games with it will keep it flexible which is also vital in ensuring your pet is active all the time.

Proper Growth

Keeping your pet active is also essential in ensuring that it experiences a balanced growth. Experiencing proper growth is vital because this is what ensures your pet has the perfect body balance and some of its organs function correctly. The chances of contracting several illnesses are high as a result of poor growth. Always keep your pet active to ensure they are in good shape all the time.…

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