Things to Decide on Before Buying a Piano

A piano can be a well-sought home fixture not only for the beautiful music it can provide but for the elegance it can impart to a house. Indeed, a piano can be both a great-sounding and good-looking piece of art in any home.

If you are buying a piano for the first time, you must have done extensive research before deciding to do so. This musical instrument can be expensive if you go for the more reliable brands. Asking the help of some piano experts or musical instrument enthusiasts must be the first thing to do. You should also be sure of yourself if you really have the interest to go on with your piano for as long you can. If you are not sure yet, there are piano rentals out there where you can lease one of their units.

But if you are really keen on purchasing a piano, the following tips may help.

An Acoustic or a Digital?

You may have to choose between an acoustic and a digital piano. Be sure to know what you need because that’s the only way you can get the perfect piano for yourself. Acoustic pianos are preferred because of their refined sound. They are definitely better at producing well-resonated sound than digital pianos. But it does not come with some disadvantages, though. You must expect to spend money on fine-tuning in the months to come. This is because the sound can be affected by humidity and other factors. In the case of digital pianos, this may not happen.

If you are looking for a clear piano that you will display conspicuously in your home for visitors to appreciate, you may have to look for an acoustic piano with a sleek design. A piano can have classic and ultra-modern design that can match any architectural backdrop. The design of most digital pianos is almost always straightforward.

A Full-Size or a Smaller Keyboard?

If you are sure that your interest in a piano is for a lifetime, you should go for a full-size piano. A full-size piano has 88 notes than a smaller keyboard, which has only 61 notes or 76 notes. The smaller keyboard is good for beginners, and you may not want to be stuck with that image for long. Right? Indeed, buying a full-size piano assures scalability.

Weighted Keys or Not?

Never go for pianos that do not have weighted keys. They are only for portable pianos or for toy pianos for children. Using weighted keys even when you are practicing will help you strengthen your fingers for the real piano you will be using when you become a maestro.

There are many other factors that can affect your decision when buying a piano and this may include the price and the availability of space in your home. But when choosing a piano, always bear in mind that there is no substitute for quality. Buying an acoustic piano does not guarantee you quality. The same is true when you buy a digital one. The top digital piano brands may be better than inferior brands of acoustic pianos. You really have to choose carefully.