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Four Smart Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Having a luxurious bathroom is, of course, a dream to house owners. However, if you are trying to achieve that look without outsmarting the price tags, you will have to spend around $ 25,000. And not all of us can afford that. 

But don’t let that number scare you because you’re going to learn the tricks to make the bathroom look elegant and luxurious without having to drain your wallet empty. 

Install a Bowl Light

Making the toilet bowl glowing in the dark may sound like an irrelevant idea, but this improvement is actually a thoughtful one. First reason, when you use the bowl at night, you don’t have to jolt your eyes with the bright main lighting in your bathroom. Second, some bowl lights are equipped with a UV light that can sanitize the bowl.

Pick White for Most of the Bathroom’s Equipment and Accessories

Do you know why it feels pleasant to spend hours in a hotel bathroom? The main answer to that question lies in the design. Hotel bathrooms make the color white dominant, and it creates hygiene and elegant nuances. The lighting has to be complementary to that effect as well. Don’t forget to use white towels and floor mats.