Top Benefits of Book Clubs


A book club is a group of people who read and discuss various activities related to books. The discussions are structured to ensure they meet the needs of members.Some schools have book clubs. Ideally, the type of activities that may be incorporated into book clubs is ideally endless.

The truth is that selecting books for book clubs can be quite challenging. That is because there is a need to understand the type of information members would like to learn. It is a good idea to ask a few questions before you make the decision. The following are ways students can learn from books.

Improve Reading Fluency

In a book club, members have an opportunity to take turns reading aloud. Also, you will get to listen to your colleagues read. Some students can easily accomplish the task of reading aloud while others need to be coached to master the same.

Broaden Your Vocabulary Bank

Usually, students get introduced to the unfamiliar words in various books they read. Their teachers can teach them these words. Also, you will find it easy to write and identify new words. Studies show that students benefit from learning the antonyms and synonyms of new words.

Improve Comprehension

It is vital to note that some words can have a degree of erroneous meaning when used in a given context. Thus, each student will acquire different information or insights from different books. Remember that every student has a unique environmental background. Moreover, some students learn the meaning of words before they can even comprehend words within a book. This is where group discussions regarding the meaning of a book or passage help increase comprehension.

Improve Verbal Skills

Regular reading helps students learn how to have respectful discussions about books. Moreover, students learn how to digest the facts or opinions of others.

Development of Research Skills

There is a need for students to develop research skills even at an early age. Students can learn where to get information that is related to a given book. Also, students have an opportunity to formulate different questions that are related to the book they were reading and interview other persons who are knowledgeable in a given subject. Other than research skills, students can develop better writing skills. That is because they get to know how to formulate responses to different questions on what they have read.